sourceforge and HSQL

Frederik Eaton frederik at
Sun Feb 17 16:30:01 EST 2008


I was trying to apply my patches to the HSQL, and I noticed that Bjorn
has already applied them (thanks!) in 2006, and they are visible at

I even have emails where he tells me that he applied them to CVS,
sorry for missing that!

However, there is still the problem that new users who search for
"HSQL haskell" will find the following sourceforge page much higher in
their search results than the URL:

and they will be directed to download the buggy, two-year-old

rather than the latest version at

I have tried to find out the answers to the following questions from
Krasimir and then Duncan, but no response:

1. How do we get rid of the defunct HSQL versions at

2. How does one push patches to Who
maintains that version?

At this point, it seems #1 is more important than #2, since all the
patches I care about have been committed to the darcs version and the
darcs version compiles with the latest GHC/Cabal...




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