More on Proposal #2717: Add nubWith, nubOrd

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Dec 2 12:25:37 EST 2008

> There's only two possibilities that make sense to me: (1) do
> what I did and call the three functions in question nub,
> nubOrd, and nubInt, or (2) call them all nub.  If we're
> going to be consistent with names across types, then there's
> no reason for nubOrd to be a special case either, I think.
> And calling a function nubOrd when it won't work with
> arbitrary Ord data just seems broken to me.
> Given the pain in the neck that is Haskell's management of
> names that are duplicated in different imported modules, and
> the propensity to use Data.List and Data.Set together, I
> prefer (1).  But if folks prefer (2), or if they prefer
> Yitzchak's intermediate version, please let us know on-list

(+1) for option (1)


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