Cabal question: Generated data files

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Aug 20 08:35:51 EDT 2008

Hi Alfonso,

> Probably you've already considered this option but, How about a cabal
> build-posthook

I considered lots of options with hooks at loads of different points,
but couldn't figure out what the right point is :-)

> a) detects if the database-generating program is present (I asume it's
> only present in the darcs version)

That's easy enough to do. The other alternative is to detect if the
databases I want to install aren't present, and generate them only

> b) if present, generates the databases and puts them in the location
> supplied in the cabal file.

> I'm not aware though, if configure would complain about the databases
> not being present at first instance.

That is also what I wondered. Also, as the hoogle binary is required
to generate databases (it is called by the database generation
program), I will have to find the hoogle binary at this point.
Unfortunately it won't have been installed in $PATH, and I'm not sure
if Cabal guarantees where it has put the binary.

I'll probably try implementing something today.



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