Cabal question: Generated data files

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Aug 20 03:49:01 EDT 2008


First off, this list seems a bit off-topic for a question about Cabal,
but its what the web page told me to do: -
if this isn't the place for this email, could someone update the web

The question is about generated data files, specifically for Hoogle.

Hoogle generates search databases, which I want to be installed as
read-only data, in datadir. For a release I want to bundle up these
databases in the tarball, pregenerated. I don't want to include these
databases in the darcs version (they are fairly specific to a
particular version and regularly changing), but I do want people to be
able to build the darcs version using cabal. To generate these
databases requires a second Haskell program (included in the darcs
repo), and an installed copy of the same version of Hoogle.

So, I want to generate database files, which can only be done after
install time, but which I then want to be installed. Is there any way
to acheive this? Or some better idea? Currently I just generate the
databases and have the .cabal file reference them, which means the
darcs version can't be compiled with Cabal.



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