[nightly] 10-Aug-2008 build of HEAD on i386-unknown-linux (cam-02-unx.europe.corp.microsoft.com)

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 11 03:25:11 EDT 2008

| -fgenerics -Wall -fno-warn-deprecated-flags -c Data/Time/Calendar/Gregorian.hs -o
| dist/build/Data/Time/Calendar/Gregorian.o  -ohi dist/build/Data/Time/Calendar/Gregorian.hi
| Data/Time/Calendar/Gregorian.hs:73:9:
|     Warning: orphan instance: instance Show Day
| <no location info>:
| Failing due to -Werror.
| gmake[2]: *** [dist/build/Data/Time/Calendar/Gregorian.o] Error 1
| gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/playpen/simonmar/nightly/HEAD/i386-unknown-linux/libraries/time'
| gmake[1]: *** [make.library.time] Error 2
| gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/playpen/simonmar/nightly/HEAD/i386-unknown-linux/libraries'
| gmake: *** [stage1] Error 2

Now that orphan warnings are "proper warnings" as Duncan requested, and hence do the right thing with -Werror, someone should either remove this orphan (best), by moving the instance to the module that defines Day, or add -fno-warn-orphans to this module.

Who is responsible for the time/ library?

There may be other libraries similarly affected.


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