Proposal: Test.HUnit documentation (#1632)

Leif Frenzel himself at
Thu Sep 6 14:42:41 EDT 2007

Hi Andriy,
> Hi Leif,
>   glad to see you on this list.
And you :-)

> --- Leif Frenzel <himself at> wrote:
>> I have recently written a tutorial for using HUnit
>> and noticed that 
>> there was no Haddock library documentation yet, so I
>> thought I might contribute some :-)
> This annoyed me too when I started to work with HUnit.
> That's great that you got to fixing this.
>> Please let me know if anything else 
>> needs to be done to make this fit for the library
> Including the ticket URL in the message is a nice
> touch:
> I also suggest attaching the resulting generated
> Haddock HTML file to the ticket and including the
> direct link to it into the message as well, e.g (this
> one is from different ticket):
> Makes it much easier to review docs.
> Don't forget to embed the stylesheet.
Good points, both :-)

I've attached the HTML output to the ticket:

> Could you add examples how to use HUnit in the Haddock
> documentation?
Sure, can do that. I'd however restrict it to the things that typically 
users would need (i.e. assertions, tests and so on), but not the 
advanced extension stuff - mostly because I've myself never come across 
a situation where I needed it, so I don't have a very good idea exactly 
what one does with it, and what would be good examples.

Thanks && ciao,

> Thanks,
> Andriy
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