System.Win32.Types to base library?

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at
Thu Oct 25 07:47:28 EDT 2007

Hello Simon,

Thursday, October 25, 2007, 2:19:41 PM, you wrote:

>> imho, it's better to put it into separate library. consider also an
>> option to provide it as extension to the my Streams library
>> ( )

> Sure, but that would preclude using overlapped IO in the standard Handle
> implementation, which is where we need it right now.  You want to be able
> to do ByteString IO using overlapped IO underneath, for example.

> I'm not claiming this is a good long-term plan, but in order for it to be
> useful *now*, it has to go into base.

it's interesting that my understanding of situation is directly
opposite - anything implemented just now in terms of base cannot be
used next 1-1.5 years (many people skip x.x.0 GHC releases), while
implemented as separate library van be used immediately

ByteString support isn't problem for Streams, although it needs to be
implemented. i've done this in 0.2 version, but it is completely
bitrotted now and i don't have time to work on it

but i propose to at least discuss architecture of future IO libraries
- hope that all interested people have enough time and interest at
least for doing this

Best regards,
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