System.Win32.Types to base library?

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Tue Oct 23 11:47:17 EDT 2007

Felix Martini wrote:
> 2007/10/23, Simon Marlow:
>> You don't say what you're working on specifically, but in general the
>> direction we want to move in is to develop new stuff outside of the base
>> package, where you have full access to the Win32 or unix APIs.  In the
>> upcoming GHC release we've separated out various parts of base for this reason.
> I'm working on overlapped IO support for Haskell handles (sockets in
> particular) using an IO completion port. I'll put the code in a
> separate library.

ooh, that would be nice.  I imagine it won't be possible to put it in a 
separate library and have it work nicely with the existing Handle 
implementation; you really want it to replace the existing low-level IO for 
Handles.  If you could integrate it with the existing IO manager thread in 
GHC.Conc, then all the better.

In that case I suggest the best option for now is to pull in as much Win32 
support as you need, in a similar way to System.Posix.Internals which has 
the POSIX bits that the base package needs to know about.


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