Proposal: Add Compositor class as superclass of Arrow

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Wed Oct 17 19:21:33 EDT 2007

apfelmus wrote:
> Twan van Laarhoven wrote:
>> I don't see a problem here, if you don't want to use these functions 
>> then don't import Control.Category. This is similar to the situation 
>> with adding the arrow operators to Data.Tuple.
> Yes, except that these here are already in the Prelude. But hey, you can 
> always
>    import Control.Category
>    import Prelude hiding (id,(.))

Should we use id and (.)? It makes it easier to eventually replace the 
functions in Prelude, if that's a later goal. On the other hand, it 
means having to write out the hiding as you say.

Agree on "Category" as the best name.

Ashley Yakeley

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