Proposal: Add Compositor class as superclass of Arrow

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Sat Oct 13 15:34:35 EDT 2007

apfelmus wrote:
> Yes, bring 'em in! But _only_ under their standard name :)
>   class Category c where
>     id  :: c a a
>     (.) :: c b c -> c a b -> c a c

   class Category cat where
     id  :: cat a a
     (.) :: cat b c -> cat a b -> cat a c

I'm not against this, but it would mean moving Category to the Prelude.

As far as bikeshed issues:

1. I don't care either way about the name. "Category" or "Morphism" 
would both be fine.

2. I made a sort of "minimal bikeshed" patch, with this from Arrow:

    (>>>) :: comp a b -> comp b c -> comp a c

But I actually prefer

    (<<<) :: comp b c -> comp a b -> comp a c

, like (.). I originally called that member 'compose'.

> Unfortunately, the names  id  and (.) are already taken / give headache 
> to those that don't like  map :: Functor f => (a -> b) -> f a -> f b .

I prefer the generalised 'map' too. In fact I always use fmap over 
lists, map is just one more thing to remember so I don't. But that's 
another proposal...

Ashley Yakeley
Seattle, WA

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