Support for high baud rates in the serial binding

Don Stewart dons at
Tue Oct 16 16:07:23 EDT 2007

The attached patch adds support for higher baud rates to
System.Posix.Terminal. We need this in practice, so it would be nice to 
get this into stable.

Its a trivial change.

-- Don
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New patches:

[Support for 57600 and 115200 baudrates
pweaver at**20071016191631] {
hunk ./System/Posix/Terminal.hsc 337
+  | B57600
+  | B115200
hunk ./System/Posix/Terminal.hsc 632
+baud2Word B57600 = (#const B57600)
+baud2Word B115200 = (#const B115200)
hunk ./System/Posix/Terminal.hsc 656
+    else if x == (#const B57600) then B57600
+    else if x == (#const B115200) then B115200


[Add basic pseudoterminal support.
Bryan O'Sullivan <bos at>**20070925113330] 
[check for shm_open/shm_unlink (for archs like OpenBSD without them)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070916025218] 
[Add more entries to boring file
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20070913210721] 
[Add a boring file
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20070913204658] 
[in pPrPr_disableITimers (who made up that name?) call the RTS to disable the timer
Simon Marlow <simonmar at>**20070912145647
 Since we switched to using timer_create() in the RTS, this function
 has been failing to disables the timer interrupts.  This turns out to
 be the cause of the random framework failures in the test suite.
 Invoking the RTS to turn off the timer signal is the right thing.
[TAG ghc-6.8 branched 2007-09-03
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20070903155840] 
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