-- Cabal-1.2 and Haddock behaviour

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Fri Nov 9 06:57:12 EST 2007


I don't know whether this is going to be a question of just a way to
express my deep frustration: I'm trying to maintain a Haskell tool
chain for the Slackware GNU/Linux distribution and I'm now trying to
update it to ghc-6.8.1.

Packaging a Haskell library/application for a Linux distribution
usually means writing a script. For Slackware we use SlackBuilds,
shell scripts that perform all the needed steps for compiling and
installing a package with all the needed documentation.

I'm not going to stress the importance of software documentation.

Now, as far as I understand, in the transition from Cabal-1.1 to
Cabal-1.2, for which I want to express all my gratitude to the Cabal
team since it seems to me a huge step forward in the right direction,
a small and undocumented change happened: documentation used to be
installed in 
now, instead, it is installed in

Almost the same, you may say. Probably someone thought it was cooler
this way. Maybe someone else, in the future, may think differently and
change it once again.

It doesn't matter if a shell script expects to find the documentation
somewhere. It doesn't matter if tens, or thousands, or even millions
of shell scripts will be broken. We are work in progress, after all.
Nothing is required to be stable, and so on and so forth...

I think I'm going to give up, actually. If every .x update requires
all that effort on my side for packaging the software I'm compiling
for myself in such a way that others may find useful too, well, I'm not
that committed to sharing and all that kind of stuff.

Or, at least, I prefer to use my limited time for having fun as
everyone seems to do in the Haskell community: just write that
wonderfully concise and nice code! Haskell is self documenting, if you
know what it means, if you are an Haskeller.

And I'm coming to think I am an haskeller, after all. Why should I
care about the other Slackware users? I know Cabal quite well and it
is very powerful to enable me to managing all my libraries and
applications, and everything almost effortlessly... 

You did a great job! 

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