cgi-compat and ghc-6.6.1

Björn Bringert bringert at
Tue May 15 09:00:15 EDT 2007

Johannes Waldmann wrote:
> What is the status of cgi-compat with ghc-6.6.1?
> I have some older code that wants Network.CGI.Compat,
> which seems not available in ghc-6.6.1 standard installation.
> When I build cgi-compat from source cgi-compat-2006.9.6.tar.gz
> it will complain about missing "fps". I delete this requirement
> from cgi.cabal and then can build and install.
> But now when I compile my program, the message is
>     Could not find module `Network.CGI.Compat':
>       it was found in multiple packages:
>          cgi-compat-2006.9.6 cgi-3001.1.1

The problem here is name confusion. Unfortunately, the name cgi-compat 
has nothing to do with the Network.CGI.Compat module. compat in the 
former stands for "compatible with ghc < 6.6", or more precisely, with 
base < 2.0 and network < 2.0. If you want the Network.CGI.Compat module, 
install an older version of the cgi package, e.g.

> I can  ghc-pkg hide cgi-3001.1.1  and that seems to solve it
> for the moment. If I find the time, I probably should change my sources
> to use the newer API - is there a "migration guide" somewhere?

There's no migration guide, only the haddock docs:

However, since the old API was so limited, you'll probably only need 
'getInput', 'getVar', 'output', and 'runCGI'.


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