Adding System.FilePath

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Mar 27 18:02:37 EDT 2007


> > I'm happy to do the work for adding it to GHC, but I'll need to talk to
> > SimonM when he returns about the details first: It would make sense to
> > either do the switch to building with cabal in 6.8 first (thus avoiding
> > needing to add it the Makefile way), or to do it the Makefile way and
> > also put it into 6.6.1 (which obviously has the advantage that it's
> > available RSN by default with GHC; I don't think there's an interface
> > issue here as it's a separate package, but I'd like to get Simon's input
> > first!).
> This hasn't come up before, but I don't see any reason why we shouldn't add to
> the set of core-packages we ship in a minor patchlevel release.

Once you've checked it meets whatever you need, I'll add a darcs tag.
If anyone has any comments, please speak up quickly. I'm now NOT
looking for remarks like "how about filepath's based on bytestrings?",
but if anyone was to take a quick look over the structure, the use of
CPP, anything else etc, I'd be grateful.



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