Automated tests for the libraries?

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Sun Mar 18 13:15:24 EDT 2007


> > This gives a list of properties, which are automatically extracted
> > from the documentation, and checked using QuickCheck. All the tool is
> > in the repo. If anyone wanted to generalise the code in there, it
> > would be handy!
> Neil, your extractor looks cool, but I wonder how it'll work with
> modules like Data.Set whose (commented out) tests define some
> Arbitrary instances and some helper functions in addition to the
> actual properties. My first inclination would have been to define the
> properties in code, perhaps "#ifdef TESTING"ed out, and try to teach
> Haddock to pull them into the documentation. But yours is definitely
> simpler and probably worth pursuing until it obviously stops working.

FilePath also has that issue, I do:

module FilePath(
#ifdef TESTING
    properties and instances for testing

   ) where

Then I just define TESTING when running the test. This has the
advantage that the tests at least always compile, even as I make other
changes. In reality, FilePath only requires a couple of things (the
drive properties) to be exported for testing but not for real use.

I don't see much complication in extending my approach. In fact, I
suspect that my FilePath test extractor is overly complex, since it

Windows: property
Posix: property

For Windows properties it added System.FilePath.Windows.functions,
ditto for Posix, and for normal ones it generates the test twice, once
with Windows and once with Posix. It also detects if a property has
any free variables, and if not changes it to a single assertion,
rather than a quickcheck property.

I think it is very handy, and integrating it with Cabal and removing
the special cases that FilePath requires is probably well worth the
effort! I would certainly like such a tool...



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