Automated tests for the libraries?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Fri Mar 16 01:48:41 EDT 2007

> Looking through the libraries, I see a lot of commented out imports of
> QuickCheck and prop_foo definitions, but no way to run them all
> without a lot of manual editing of files. There are also a few tests
> in testsuite/tests/libraries/Data/, but they don't even build with
> ghc-6.6 because of an import of the hidden module
> Distribution.Compat.FilePath. It seems like this would make it hard to
> ensure that things work on more than a few platforms.
> Is there some automated test suite for the libraries that I'm just
> missing? Is there a plan for developing one? If not, I'll start a wiki
> page for ideas and try to get a rudimentary one put together.

A number of libraries are tested in the 'testsuite' that comes with ghc.
The plan is to move these back into the relevant library repositories

Ian, what's the plan on this?

-- Don

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