Namespace question

Olivier Thauvin nanardon at
Wed Mar 14 16:27:45 EDT 2007


I do plan to write some haskell module specific to mandriva software or 
specification, for example a toolbox to parse the tree on mirror using 
media.cfg, or a tools to create rpm specfile following rpm scheme.

Then I do plan to push thoses modules into hackage database, because I think 
it is the best way to have publicity, code review, bug report, etc...

My question is related to namespace to use for such modules ? MDV.modules ? 
FOO.MDV.modules where FOO is an already existing namespace ?

Also this question apply for more generic modules, eg which namespace should 
use an haskell RPM module ?

Is it possible to create a new main namespace ?

I think a FAQ is needed about this.

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