System.FilePath Re[2]: ANN: HSH 1.2.0

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Sat Mar 10 20:32:54 EST 2007

> Hello Bryan,
> Saturday, March 10, 2007, 8:19:37 PM, you wrote:
> >> -- i've added crossposts to John Meacham and Einar Karttunen because
> >> -- you also denoted interest in new i/o library
> > Me, too :-)
> strange, but your letter don't contains crossposts to them. may be
> it's because i had errors when tried to add crossposting to them.
> well, i continue in the libraries list
> >> - portable async i/o which is able to work via select/epoll/...
> > I think you mean non-blocking I/O here, right?  Async is not the same thing.
> i don't mentioned all the features that are already in ghc i/o
> library, they are just too numerous. but of course i suppose that we
> want to support them all. non-blocking i/o is among these things (see
> hGetBufNonBlocking/hPutBufNonBlocking)
> async i/o is idea of SimonM/JohnM/Einar of adding support of epoll and
> other async i/o systems so that thousands of haskell threads may
> perform i/o simultaneously w/o much cpu overhead. btw, it's already

You probably should look at the unified events library as well:

Support for up to 10M threads...

> implemented in network-alt lib, but only for its networking i/o
> facilities. John Meacham issued an idea of universal API on top of all
> these systems that may be used by any i/o library (and haskell
> compiler) to easily implement support for async i/o. but we need
> details, unix tricks is not my area of knowledge
> >> - interfacing with Streams and FPS libraries
> > It should also integrate cleanly with the network stack, which needs an
> > overhaul about as badly as the I/O library.  Einar Karttunen maintains
> > his network-alt library at
> >
> > which I think is a good starting point.
> yes, it's one more topic that i lost (and what i don't understand like
> i don't understand unix)

-- Don

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