Proposal: System.Timeout module for base (Trac #980)

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Mar 5 06:18:26 EST 2007

Peter Simons wrote:
> I am sorry for being vague earlier. What I was trying to say is
> that I feel like we have discussed this timeout function for a
> very long time now, and I feel like I have put quite a bit of
> effort into this particular endeavor. I would very much like to
> achieve a result.
> Simon, in your article <45586F40.4080507 at> you said
> explicitly that you were in favor of adding this function to the
> GHC base libraries. Do you still feel the same way?
> How about everyone else? Is there any reason why this function
> should not be added to the base library? I would very much
> appreciate it if we could reach some sort of conclusion within
> the next two weeks.
> Anyway, I don't want to leave a wrong impression. The discussion
> has been very interesting, insightful, and it has helped to
> improve the submission. It's just that I feel we have discussed
> these 15 lines of code long enough, really.

Quite right.  I've pushed the patch now.  Thanks for all your work on it.


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