darcs patch: Remove unsafeCoerce-importing kludgery in favor of Uns...

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Tue Jun 5 20:59:04 EDT 2007

Simon Marlow wrote:

> I see the point - to clearly separate all the unsafe stuff - but there 
> are other categories of things that we might also want to separate (e.g. 
> Haskell 98 vs. non-Haskell 98, portable vs. non-portable, deprecated vs. 
> current...).  We made the decision a long time ago that the hierarchy 
> should categorise by functionality rather than any other property of 
> modules.  There are exceptions (System.Posix), but it's still a good 
> rule of thumb.

In that case, shouldn't unsafeCoerce be in Data.Unsafe? It seems odd to 
have a Unsafe.* hierarchy if it's not going to have all the unsafe 

Unsafety is a bit different from the other categories. Deprecated 
functions by definition shouldn't be moved, only deleted. Portability 
changes, and so does standards-compliance, so there's no need to move 
such functions around.

Ashley Yakeley

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