Proposal: reduce base from the top

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at
Tue Apr 3 08:31:56 EDT 2007

Hello Ian,

Tuesday, April 3, 2007, 3:42:31 PM, you wrote:

>> Data.ByteString.*
>> --> fps (dep. on base, generics, array)

> I think this should be called bytestring; fps will just be a random
> string to newcomers to Haskell.


>> Control.Applicative
>> Data.Foldable, Data.Traversable
>> Data.Map, Data.IntMap, Data.Set, Data.IntSet
>> Data.Sequence, Data.Tree
>> Data.HashTable
>> Data.Graph
>> ---> new package collections? containers?  or split further?
>>      (dep. on array, generics, concurrent)

> I assume you give "containers" as an option because I used it in #710,
> but I think I prefer "collections" myself.

Collections is the name of another existing library ;)

>> System.Console.GetOpt
>> ---> new package getopt? consoleutils?

thhis may be joined with filesystem-related stuff into one package.
how about having Unix and Win32 for low-level OS-specific functions
and then OS_Services on top of them?

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