changes to library interfaces (was Re: Data.List.join)

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Mon Oct 23 08:28:11 EDT 2006

> Hi
> >At least a method by which proposals get Trac tickets and then due
> >consideration (though avoiding voting would be nice).
> I disagree - maybe avoid voting but at the very least require n
> supporting people from the Haskell community - at least some way to
> see who agrees and who disagrees. There are lots of totally ridiculous
> proposals that go out on the Haskell' mailing list, which I (and most
> people) ignore. I'd hate for a silly library proposal to sneak in
> because no one realised anyone was formally considering it!
> I'd also demand GHC + Hugs + <one other> compiler support, plus
> Windows + Linux + Mac support. I'd even go as far as to remove the
> evil API's that have snuck in which don't meet these criterial.

Yes, Perhaps if we have some requirement that proposals are considered
only if they come with code (darcs patches), QuickCheck properties,
portablity checks, this would keep the signal /noise ratio higher, make
it easier to consider and move on proposals, and make any consensus
easier to reach.

Maybe it really is time to try to formalise a process for further
library growth.

-- Don

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