changes to library interfaces (was Re: Data.List.join)

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Mon Oct 23 08:16:19 EDT 2006


> At least a method by which proposals get Trac tickets and then due
> consideration (though avoiding voting would be nice).

I disagree - maybe avoid voting but at the very least require n
supporting people from the Haskell community - at least some way to
see who agrees and who disagrees. There are lots of totally ridiculous
proposals that go out on the Haskell' mailing list, which I (and most
people) ignore. I'd hate for a silly library proposal to sneak in
because no one realised anyone was formally considering it!

I'd also demand GHC + Hugs + <one other> compiler support, plus
Windows + Linux + Mac support. I'd even go as far as to remove the
evil API's that have snuck in which don't meet these criterial.



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