Jason Dagit dagit at
Sun Oct 22 06:50:21 EDT 2006

On 10/21/06, Donald Bruce Stewart <dons at> wrote:
> Let's get join and split done!
> Now, the name, join conflicts, so:
>     * consperse
>     * connect
>     * intercat
>     * the problem with joinWith (or whatever) is that traditionally it would be joinBy

If we're going to have a split or splitBy then wouldn't the most
logical name be unsplit or unsplitBy?  I think consperse and intercat
are cute, but not that good because they don't really tell me what's
going on.  I think 'connect' is too vague and overloaded.  So yeah, my
vote is with unsplitBy.  On the other hand, whoever implments it
should get to choose the name and just be done with it :)

Anyway, just some fuel for the fire :)

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