Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Sat Oct 21 22:50:14 EDT 2006

Let's get join and split done!

I want to see this function done this time. So let's try hard not to
restart the big threads we've had on this topic in the last couple of
years. So I'll just point to the archives.

Getting bogged down in fiddly details will just derail this effort. See
here. Perfectionists will not be tolerated! ;)

Now, in summary, Josef:
    * Send a patch to libraries@, for a minimal implementation of the join function
    * And a patch for QuickCheck properites, to live under testsuite/tests/*. 
        - e.g. for split . join == id
                   words        == join " "
Now, the name, join conflicts, so:
    * consperse
    * connect
    * intercat
    * the problem with joinWith (or whatever) is that traditionally it would be joinBy

So, I propose we start with just, say, 'connect', with some QC
properties, and get that into base, before we get dragged out into a big
discussion about the entire api design.

-- Don

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