Haskell Packages 6.6?

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Wed Oct 4 00:04:21 EDT 2006

I'd like to trim the followup to cabal-devel@ or libraries@ so we
don't cross-post to all lists.

Lemmih <lemmih at gmail.com> writes:

> On 10/4/06, Isaac Jones <ijones at syntaxpolice.org> wrote:
>> Hello good Haskell Hackers.
>> We're pretty well along the way to getting cabal-install and friends
>> working nicely.  We've got almost 30 packages in the database.
> I added a few more. We have 32 now.


> What about the packages that have external dependencies? They won't
> necessarily be buildable on the server.

That's true.  For such packages, we could install their dependencies
by hand.  Or we could exclude them as being too outside the system.  I
think an automagic solution for this problem is beyond the scope of

>> 5. A web interface (lemmih is working on it)
> HackageDB is as good as it's gonna get for now. Btw, why is this
> step necessary?

The web interface is important for both the "unstable" and "stable"
collections.  People need to be able to look at what's available on
the server.  People need to know where to go for the authoritative
release of packages.

Simon Peyton Jones also happens to think that a web interface that
shows all of the packages is very important.  Maybe he can go into
some detail about why.

Would anyone else like to take up hacking on the web interface?
Lemmih's version is here:


>> 6. A script to upload packages to "unstable" (Paolo is working on it).
>> 7. Someone to spearhead all of this!
> I have time. However, I also see a lot of problems.

Like what?



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