Proposal discussion summary: Adding on

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Wed Nov 8 20:48:41 EST 2006

Nils Anders Danielsson wrote:
> The deadline for discussion is tomorrow, but in case anyone complains
> I thought I'd summarise the previous discussion already today.
> * Consensus was reached that a module containing on plus some
>   functions from the prelude should be added.

That's S of SKI, isn't it? Looks good, as we already have "const" and "id".

> * The module name Control.Function was not well received. A bunch of
>   other names were suggested, and almost everyone accepted
>   Data.Function.

If we're creating Data.Function, can we add an "instance Functor ((->) 
a)" to it? I seem to remember it's currently in an odd place. Or maybe 
we should create a Data.Functor module.

Ashley Yakeley

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