Proposal discussion summary: Adding on

Nils Anders Danielsson nad at
Wed Nov 8 12:13:18 EST 2006

The deadline for discussion is tomorrow, but in case anyone complains
I thought I'd summarise the previous discussion already today.

* Consensus was reached that a module containing on plus some
  functions from the prelude should be added.

* The module name Control.Function was not well received. A bunch of
  other names were suggested, and almost everyone accepted

* It was discussed whether comparing (i.e. on compare) and/or equating
  (on (==)) should also be present in the libraries. Consensus was
  reached that either both or none of them should be there, and most
  people wanted to have them in the libraries. The function comparing
  is already in the libraries, but not equating. Complaints were
  raised about the name "equating", though, and no consensus was
  reached about an alternative name. Hence I leave the
  comparing/equating discussion open for another proposal.


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