New collections package ready (almost)

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Mar 13 07:19:54 EST 2006

Jean-Philippe Bernardy wrote:

> I've set up the new collections package, and it compiles under ghc and
> hugs. I don't know about nhc, because I've been unable to compile nhc.
> (I've got a x86_64 system; I've tryied to compile under a chroot does
> not work, and configure program baffles me.) The non-ghc version is
> portable though, so it _should_ work under nhc alright.
> So, you can try to make "collections" a default package, so I can
> start moving stuff out of "base" into it.

Ok, I misunderstood what you were doing here.  I thought you were simply 
packaging AVL trees, but you're actually including the generic 
collections framework.

I'm not completely comfortable with shipping this framework with GHC at 
the moment, given the small amount of discussion it has received, and 
the volume of competition in this space.  This isn't a criticism of the 
design at all (indeed, I haven't looked at it in detail).  I'd much 
prefer to see this provided as a separate package for now.

Of course if a concensus emerges that this collections framework is the 
right way to go, then we'll certainly include it - a collections 
framework is pretty basic functionality.


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