Edison 1.2rc2

Benjamin Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Fri Mar 3 11:29:50 EST 2006

> -- Edison defines 'subset' and 'subsetEq' in the set API.  Data.Set
> has operations with the
>     same meanings named 'isProperSubsetOf' and 'isSubsetOf'.  I am
> considering adoping the
>     Data.Set names, but they are quite a bit longer.  Also what about
> the meaning of "subset"
>     vs "proper subset"?  What do you find most intuitive?

I prefer the mathematical convention: subset includes equality, proper 
subset excludes it. And proper subset can very easily defined by 
library user (just check isSubset and sizes differ) so is not 

The 'is' prefix is good because it makes the meaning clearer. The 'Of' 
suffix is bad, because it doesn't and adds noise.

> -- Data.Map defines 'isSubmapOfBy' and 'isProperSubmapBy'.  Edison
> has no corresponding
>     API methods.  Are they important enough to add?

Can they be easily added by the user w/o loosing much efficiency? Then 
no. Else yes.

Note that isSubmapOfBy and isProperSubmapOfBy are the only 'By'-suffix 
functions exported from Data.Map.


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