Restructured version of the Streams library

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at
Wed Jun 14 11:22:18 EDT 2006

Hello Takano,

Wednesday, June 14, 2006, 4:42:25 PM, you wrote:

>> work, every bit of Simon's critique about monolithic Stream class was
>> taken into account

> Yes, I deliberately published the library in the early stage, in order
> to show the design to you and other people interested in the area.
> If the design will be used by the Streams library, I will consider it a
> success and be satisfied. Otherwise, I will develop it into a
> fully-featured library.

how about redesigning Streams 0.2 library? i've just uploaded current
state-of-the-art as

it also requires to be installed

we can ask Simon Marlow to establish darcs repository for the lib

>> about your example of using UTF8+Latin1 encoding on one stream: it
>> shouldn't work for using any encoding AFTER UTF8 (i don't have Unix,
>> so i not compiled your lib and don't make actual tests). imagine that
>> first 10 bytes in file represent 8 UTF8 chars. after decoding, these
>> chars will be represented by 32 bytes (8 UTF-32 values). when you make
>> sCleanup, library just can't know what those 32 bytes read from
>> intermediate buffer correspond to 10 bytes in lower-level stream

> Thank you for pointing out the design flaw. I'm going to fix it.

how? :)  i think it is impossible

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