Idea to allow people to comment on Haskell docs

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Wed Jan 18 04:01:41 EST 2006

| I've had a go at patching Haddock to put a link on the page for each
| module. It's controlled by an optional --wiki=URL flag.
| As an example, I used this with the (devel version of the) Gtk2Hs
| For example this page:

It looks great!  But I'd never have found the link if you hadn't pointed
me at it.

Rather than "Wiki" say "User comments".  

And I think the per-entry [User comment] link is essential.  Typically
people are going to be looking at a particular thing.  For example, here
is where I'd look for the link for svgRenderFromString.

Does MediaWiki support anchors in the middle of a page?  That's
essential here -- we want one Wiki page for one Haddock page.

On a closely related matter, Benjamin Pierce told me how often he wished
that there was a link from the Haddock documentation to the source code
for a function.  Especially for Prelude functions, he's dead right.  So
another really useful Haddock enhancement would be the ability to add
links to the source code from the Haddock docs --- again on a
per-function basis.  Do you feel like adding that too?   Where should
the code live?  I'd suggest snap-shoting it at the moment that the
Haddock docs are generated, and putting the files with the Haddock docs.


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