Control.Monad.Error documentation

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Dec 19 05:34:18 EST 2006


> Do you suggest to move this information to the source code comments, so they won't appear in Haddock output?
> I'm for it. Any objections?

No idea. To give the author is kind of OK (other modules do it), but
to have the guy who rendered it, but not the guy who is currently
re-rendering seems like its starting to get a bit out of hand.

> > The bit at the top of description seems useful.
> Great. I'll use same format for other monads.

I know not much about Monads - the idea of having some common "what
this does bit" looks handy, you'd have to get someone elses input as
to whether your format captures the "right" info - although it looks
fine to me :)

> > The example seems awfully long.

> Neil, you are not in general against examples in the library documentation, right?
> What do you think if I replace the first example with more cut-and-dry one, similiar to the ErrorT example?

I'm not so fussed when the example is at the bottom of the document,
since it doesn't really effect much else. If people are going to want
to improve/annotate the example ever, the wiki really is a great place
to put it.

I like examples, but I more like short and sweet examples - but thats
just a personal preference. Not a global policy at all.



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