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> "Rendered by Michael Weber at,
> inspired by the Haskell Monad Template Library from Andy Gill
> (";
> I can see the use of linking to papers describing modules, or linking
> to sources of information where further details can be found, but I
> can't remember many other modules which just have links to the
> authors? If author credit is needed, wouldn't the source code be a
> better place to put it?

Do you suggest to move this information to the source code comments, so they won't appear in Haddock output?
I'm for it. Any objections?

> The bit at the top of description seems useful.

Great. I'll use same format for other monads.

> The example seems awfully long.

The documentation contains 2 examples - one about general use of Error, the second one is about ErrorT monad transformer.
You are right, the first example seems too long as for library documentation.
Neil, you are not in general against examples in the library documentation, right?
What do you think if I replace the first example with more cut-and-dry one, similiar to the ErrorT example?


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