Data.List documentation improvements

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Dec 18 07:28:27 EST 2006

David House wrote:
> On 05/12/06, Simon Marlow <simonmarhaskell at> wrote:
>> I'm a bit concerned that the concept of "the code for a function" is 
>> not as
>> simple as it seems.  Including just the code for the function itself 
>> often won't
>> be useful, because it might be something like
>>    myFunction x y z = myFunction' x y z []
>> so then do we include the transitive closure of code referenced by the 
>> function?
>>   What if we refer to something in a different file, or scattered 
>> around the
>> current file?  What about CPP?  Presumably functions that are documented
>> elsewhere should be rendered as links.  etc. etc.
> My vote for myFunction would be to just show the RHS, but link
> myFunction' to its own documentation and source link. 

The point is that myFunction' is an internal function, not exported and not 
documented, so we can't (and don't want to) give it first class status in the 


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