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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Sun Dec 3 21:55:23 EST 2006

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From: Neil Mitchell <ndmitchell at>
>> The deadline is Wednesday, December 6th.
> That's incredibly soon, two days is just not enough time to do
> anything! I recommend a minimum deadline of a week for anything, some
> people may only catch up with their Haskell mail a couple of times a
> week.

Will keep in mind for the future submissions.
Leave this one as is. It is easy to update the docs later.

> As for your patch, I think its great, and its exactly the type of
> thing that should be in the libraries documentation for pretty much
> everything. My only suggestion would be to include the "corner" cases:
> take 3 [1] = [1]
> drop 3 [1] = []
> (ditto splitAt)
> i.e. show that they produce a result, not an error.

I'm for it.
Will add.

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