a cabal/database lib experience

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 11:55:52 EST 2006

Claus Reinke wrote:
>> configure     Prepare to build the package.
>> build         Make this package ready for installation.
>> clean         Clean up after a build.
>> install       Copy the files into the install locations. Run register.
>> copy          Copy the files into the install locations.
>> sdist         Generate a source distribution file (.tar.gz or .zip).
>> test          Run the test suite, if any (configure with UserHooks).
>> haddock       Generate Haddock HTML code from Exposed-Modules.
>> pfe           Generate Programatica Project.
>> register      Register this package with the compiler.
>> unregister    Unregister this package with the compiler.
> oops, forgot to mention these:
> 1. there are some suspicious omissions in that list of commands.
>     quoting Paul Moore again:
>>If I need to rebuild to do so (grumble) then how do I uninstall the current version of takusen 
>>(it's not in "Add/Remove programs" and "runhaskell Setup.hs" doesn't seem to offer an uninstall 
>     it is perhaps safer not to offer mis-configurable automated remove
>     code, but at the very least I would hope to see the following two
>     additional commands:
>     list            List all installed packages
>     uninstall    Provide uninstall information
>     the former ought to list known Haskell implementations and their
>     package databases, the latter ought to output status information
>     about the (current) package (has it been registered anywhere? if
>     yes, point to the unregister command first. have files been copied
>     anywhere? if yes, explain which directories can simply and safely
>     be removed).
> 2. runhaskell Setup unregister --help outputs usage info for register?

Thanks for all the suggestions in this thread.  I've created three tickets:


and fixed the easy bug (no. 2 above).

Maybe we'll get a chance to hack on some of these during Hac, but there's an 
awful lot of tickets there...


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