a cabal/database lib experience

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Tue Dec 12 19:54:17 EST 2006

> Commands:
>  configure     Prepare to build the package.
>  build         Make this package ready for installation.
>  clean         Clean up after a build.
>  install       Copy the files into the install locations. Run register.
>  copy          Copy the files into the install locations.
>  sdist         Generate a source distribution file (.tar.gz or .zip).
>  test          Run the test suite, if any (configure with UserHooks).
>  haddock       Generate Haddock HTML code from Exposed-Modules.
>  pfe           Generate Programatica Project.
>  register      Register this package with the compiler.
>  unregister    Unregister this package with the compiler.

oops, forgot to mention these:

1. there are some suspicious omissions in that list of commands.
    quoting Paul Moore again:

> If I need to rebuild to do so (grumble) then how do I uninstall the current version of takusen 
> (it's not in "Add/Remove programs" and "runhaskell Setup.hs" doesn't seem to offer an uninstall 
> option...

    it is perhaps safer not to offer mis-configurable automated remove
    code, but at the very least I would hope to see the following two
    additional commands:

    list            List all installed packages
    uninstall    Provide uninstall information

    the former ought to list known Haskell implementations and their
    package databases, the latter ought to output status information
    about the (current) package (has it been registered anywhere? if
    yes, point to the unregister command first. have files been copied
    anywhere? if yes, explain which directories can simply and safely
    be removed).

2. runhaskell Setup unregister --help outputs usage info for register?


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