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Iavor, thank you for the feedback.

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> instead of adding examples to the documentation, wouldn't it be better
> to have a wiki site that documents the libraries, and everyone can add
> examples there.  I am thinking something along the lines of:

Depends on what examples we are talking about.
I'm strongly in favor of including examples explaining API definition and intended usage in the library documentation.
Think about these examples as of other way of defining the API.
Code can explain some things much better that words, right?

On other hand examples of using API in broader context, recipes, design patterns, discussions do not belong to the API documentation, though some information can eventually migrate there :-)

> PS: I find the darcs patches that are being sent _very_ unreadable:
> they contain tons of information that is not at all relevant to the
> change that was made.  Is there a simpler way to show what was done?
> Perhaps a simple diff?

Isn't header of the darcs patch is essentially a diff?
I agree with you that darcs patch takes a lot of space because of additional data.
To work around that one can attach patches to the ticket instead of emailing them to the list.

Ticket for this problem is:
Besides the patch you'll find there HTML document with haddock output from the changes.


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