Data.List documentation improvements

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Dec 5 07:13:23 EST 2006


>    myFunction x y z = myFunction' x y z []
> so then do we include the transitive closure of code referenced by the function?
>   What if we refer to something in a different file, or scattered around the
> current file?  What about CPP?  Presumably functions that are documented
> elsewhere should be rendered as links.  etc. etc.

What I did for Hoogle 2 is to give definitions for the functions which
didn't match the way it was really defined, but did match the
semantics. Maybe some way of tagging "here is the code for the
function, but please hide it by default" is what's required. You are
definately correct that the real implementation is probably not the
best for documentation purposes.



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