Data.List documentation improvements

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Tue Dec 5 06:59:14 EST 2006

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi
>> That would certainly be neat.  Maybe it could be implemented in 
>> Haskell using
>> YHC's JavaScript backend?  (half-joking...)
> Thats how Hoogle 4 is going to be implemented...
>> AJAX requires a server, and the nice thing about Haddock documentation 
>> is you
>> can view it with file:// URLs.  Maybe there's a way around this 
>> though, I'm not
>> an AJAX expert.
> By "AJAX style" I meant:
> <a href="javascript:show_code('map')">Show Code</a>
> <div id="code_map" style="display:none;">
> code for map goes here
> </div>
> No need for a server,

Right, that would be easier.

I'm a bit concerned that the concept of "the code for a function" is not as 
simple as it seems.  Including just the code for the function itself often won't 
be useful, because it might be something like

   myFunction x y z = myFunction' x y z []

so then do we include the transitive closure of code referenced by the function? 
  What if we refer to something in a different file, or scattered around the 
current file?  What about CPP?  Presumably functions that are documented 
elsewhere should be rendered as links.  etc. etc.

Just linking to a point in the source file is much easier.

Making the "include source code" feature optional on a per-function basis would 
probably make sense, though.


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