Packages in GHC 6.6

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Wed Aug 23 07:54:53 EDT 2006

Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
> Simon Marlow wrote:
>> Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
>>> Simon Marlow wrote:
>>>  > Here is what I propose to do regarding the libraries we ship with GHC
>>>  > 6.6.  Comments are appreciated, since we need to finalise this story
>>>  > before the release candidate at the end of this week.
>>>  >
>>> I have a small comment...
>>>  > So here's what I propose:
>>>  >
>>>  >  - A "GHC source tree" will contain a core set of packages.  This is
>>>  >    what you will get if you download ghc-6.6-src.tar.bz2, or do
>>>  >    "sh darcs-all get" in a darcs repo.  The core packages are:
>>>  >
>>>  >       base, haskell98, template-haskell, readline, stm,       
>>> Cabal, unix, Win32
>>>  >       plus hopefully regex-base and regex-posix if I integrate 
>>> them this
>>>  >    week.  These are the packages required to bootstrap GHC, or those
>>>  >    with deep GHC dependencies (template-haskell & stm).
>>>  >
>>> You will also want regex-compat if you want to keep the old 
>>> Text.Regex module API.  (Renaming Text.Regex.New to Text.Regex)
>>> I have just gone over the stable repository [1] for 
>>> regex-base,posix,compat and tweaked the cabal files to better match 
>>> the packages they actually depend upon.  The latest version of these 
>>> is now 0.71
>> Is it ok if I take this code and turn it into separate repositories on 
>>  Would you like to adopt the new repositories as 
>> the canonical location?  I can set you up with a 
>> account, just send me an SSH public key.
> Of course it is okay.  All the regex-* packages are in a single darcs 
> repository right now.  Do you need a separate repository which only 
> includes the parts that GHC will include?  I am still gaining 
> proficiency with darcs, and so I am not sure if the canonical 
> repositories should be separate trees or not.
> The cabal packages all depend on (fps >= 0.7) to supply Data.ByteString. 
> Currently there are:
>   regex-base   (everything below depends on this)
>   regex-compat (depends on regex-posix and replaces Text.Regex)
>   regex-posix  (depends in regex in posix c library, must supply for 
> Windows)
>   regex-pcre   (depends on libpcre, which is BSD)
>   regex-tre    (depends in libtre, which is LGPL)
>   regex-parsec (no c dependency, but needs Parsec)
>   regex-dfa    (no c dependency, but needs Parsec) (Note: Engine is LGPL)
>   regex-devel  (depends on everything above)
> I will email you an SSH public key.

I need to add some build system stuff for GHC: Makefile,, and 
possibly  Instead of the fps dependency, there will be a base>=2.0 
dependency (ideally we would have conditional dependencies, but Cabal support 
for that isn't ready yet).

Since time is short, I plan to integrate regex-base, regex-compat and 
regex-posix today, then I'll pull over any changes you make.  I'll do this by 
replicating your trl-stable darcs repo and morphing it into each of the smaller 
repos, that way we don't lose history, and the repo isn't large to begin with.

>> How is the Haddock documentation?  I noticed some of the modules 
>> didn't have Haddock headers on, this is standard practice in the 
>> libraries.
> I have not added the boilerplate haskell headers to everything.  I will 
> go through them and add it, probably tonight, to at least 
> regex-base/posix/compat.

A lot of the documentation seems to refer to JRegex - while this is useful for 
someone moving from one to the other, it won't mean much to someone trying to 
grok the new regex stuff in GHC 6.6.  Any chance of having some more basic docs?


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