status report of HaskellNet

Jason Dagit dagit at
Mon Aug 21 17:01:28 EDT 2006

On 8/21/06, Jun Mukai <mukai at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> HaskellNet is develped under GSoC program, and I'd like to report the
> current status of HaskellNet.
> HaskellNet will be a collection library for networking.
> Now, it contains,
> - SMTP
> - POP3
> - IMAP
> - HTTP
> - (FTP)
> - URI
> - Mime parser
> The period of SoC will end soon, but HaskellNet is now under
> development.  Although the current codes have (maybe) no problems,
> they can not be tested fully.  In addition to it, I want to add other
> protocols and other ideas.  Actually, There are discussions between me
> and Alexander Jacobson about importing Protocol.DNS from HAppS.  But,
> I did not have the time to do it (Although it can be done shortly).

Someone in #haskell on freenode recently mentioned having a Jabber
client implmentation in Haskell, iirc.  It sure would be nice to
incorporate that as well I think.  Oh, and maybe you could factor an
IRC lib out of lambdabot and include it as well.


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