status report of HaskellNet

Jun Mukai mukai at
Mon Aug 21 14:32:29 EDT 2006

Dear all, 

HaskellNet is develped under GSoC program, and I'd like to report the
current status of HaskellNet.

HaskellNet will be a collection library for networking.  
Now, it contains,

- POP3
- (FTP)
- Mime parser

and, I wrote a Stream like type class of ByteString.  I also wrote
the example code to connect these libraries with hsgnutls.

Because FTP client is came from missingh, it is licensed under LGPL
(Thanks to John Goerzen).  Others includeing HTTP (came from Bjorn
Bringert's code) are licensed under BSD3.

You can obtain the codes from
(add .lgpl to get with FTP client).

The period of SoC will end soon, but HaskellNet is now under
development.  Although the current codes have (maybe) no problems,
they can not be tested fully.  In addition to it, I want to add other
protocols and other ideas.  Actually, There are discussions between me
and Alexander Jacobson about importing Protocol.DNS from HAppS.  But,
I did not have the time to do it (Although it can be done shortly).

I mean, I'd like to keep the development of HaskellNet.

Any comments are welcome.

Best Regards,

Jun Mukai
mukai at

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