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Thu Aug 17 19:52:52 EDT 2006

On Fri, 18 Aug 2006 06:05:36 +0900, Esa Ilari Vuokko <eivuokko at>  
> On 8/17/06, Duncan Coutts <duncan.coutts at> wrote:
>> We don't yet have a generic preprocessor support system. It is indeed
>> part of the plan. I know I'll need it for Gtk2Hs.
> What about UserHooks.hookedPreProcessors?  The code seemd like
> it could work, but I haven't tested it.

I think changing Setup.(l)hs definition with UserHook
is very strong, but this approach is too complex to
specify just generating file from other resources
by only one tool.

I think cabal must support to write using self
preproccesser definition in *.cabal files like this.

name: hdirect
version: 0.1
othermodules: ComPrim, AutoPrim

generatable: ComPrim
g-sources: ComPrim.idl
g-tool: ihc
g-option: -fno-export-list -fappend-interface-short-name  
-fno-qualified-names -fno-imports -fno-export-lists -fkeep-hresult  

generatable: AutoPrim
g-sources: AutoPrim.idl
g-tool: ihc
g-option: -fno-qualified-names -fno-imports -fno-export-lists  
-fkeep-hresult -fout-pointers-are-not-refs

This is rough sketch. But I think this is useful for
discussion about "Cabal with Generating files".

shelarcy <shelarcy>

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