compile error (macosx intel), test failure, and few questions

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Fri Aug 11 13:56:00 EDT 2006

[ I am copying my reply to the libraries mailing list ]

Georgios Siganos wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I am checking your library and i have found some problems with the head
> version on my system (macosx intel with ghc 6.5)
> First, I get a compile error when I build regex-tre
> Wrap.hsc:120:23:  error: tre/regex.h: No such file or directory
> I can build the remaining modules with no errors.

The current README file suggest that you
"edit list of BACKENDS in Makefile if you want to exclude regex-tre or regex-pcre"

Since you do not have libtre, you can remove it from the BACKENDS near the top 
of the main Makefile.

Theoretically, if you edited regex-tre/regex-tre.cabal to not define 
-DHAVE_TRE_H then regex-tre would compile and install, but using it would be an 
error.  This is not going to work at the moment since I have not recently tested 
that part of the source.  But it could be handy if you want the module to exist, 
but not depend on compiling against libtre.

> Second, I can successfully run your examples, but  when i run  
> TestTextRegexLazy I get a segmentation fault
> ...
> "StringPCRE"
> Us (backrefs):
> Cases: 15  Tried: 15  Errors: 0  Failures: 0
> Us (lazy patterns):
> Cases: 31  Tried: 31  Errors: 0  Failures: 0
> Us (possessive patterns):
> Cases: 27  Tried: 27  Errors: 0  Failures: 0
> Us (shared):
> Cases: 344  Tried: 50  Errors: 0  Failures: 0Segmentation fault
> I am not sure how helpful this can be, let me know if you want more 
> details to find the cause
> of the segmentation fault. Note, that the stable version passes all the 
> tests.

Hmmm....I just uploaded (about 10 minutes before your e-mail) version 0.70 to 
both and  There was a pcre segfault that was 
fixed back in version 0.66 or 0.67.  (The FunPtr to pcre_free was null, so it 
died randomly whenever the garbage collector ran.)

> Regarding the documentation, is there an easy way to produce it, or are 
> you still working on it?

./setup haddock in each of the regex-* subdirectories will build ./dist/doc/* 
but I don't have an automatic documentation installer.

> Finally, do you have any suggestion on how I can use sth similar to 
> splitRegex on a ByteString? I want to split a ByteString using "\n\n" as 
> a delimiter, and i am not sure what
> is the best way to do it.

I will eventually expand the compatibility API to provide that.

If you needed the split to be lazy, you can copy what 
regex-compat/Text/Regex/New.hs does:

> splitRegex :: Regex -> String -> [String]
> splitRegex _ [] = []
> splitRegex delim str =
>     case matchM delim str of
>        Nothing -> [str]
>        Just (firstline, _, remainder, _) ->
>            if remainder == ""
>               then firstline : [] : []
>               else firstline : splitRegex delim remainder

But a more efficient way would be to get all the matches from PCRE in one pass 
and then return all the intermediate parts:

> import Data.ByteString.Char8
> import Text.Regex.Base
> import Text.Regex.PCRE
> split' :: Regex -> ByteString -> [ByteString]
> split' regex source =
>   let matches :: [(MatchOffset,MatchLength)]
>       matches = match regex source
>       process pos _ | pos `seq` False = undefined
>       process pos [] = [after pos source]
>       process pos ((s,o):rest) = extract (pos,s-pos) source : process (s+o) rest
>   in process 0 matches

> *Main> split' (makeRegex "l|d") (pack "Hello World")
> ["He","","o Wor","",""]
> *Main> split' (makeRegex "l|o.") (pack "Hello World")
> ["He","","","W","","d"]
> *Main> split' (makeRegex ".o|\?") (pack "Hello World, how are you?")
> <interactive>:1:24: lexical error in string/character literal
> *Main> split' (makeRegex ".o") (pack "Hello World, how are you?")
> ["Hel"," ","rld, ","w are ","u?"]
> *Main> split' (makeRegex "l|.o") (pack "Hello World, how are you?")
> ["He","","o ","r","d, ","w are ","u?"]
> *Main> split' (makeRegex "H") (pack "Hello World, how are you?")
> ["","ello World, how are you?"]
> *Main> split' (makeRegex "H|h") (pack "Hello World, how are you?")
> ["","ello World, ","ow are you?"]
> *Main> split' (makeRegex "\n\n") (pack "Hello \nWorld,\n\n how\n are you?")
> ["Hello \nWorld,"," how\n are you?"]

> Keep on the good work,
> Georgos


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