ANN: TextRegexLazy 0.70 (stable)

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Fri Aug 11 13:06:17 EDT 2006

What: "TextRegexLazy" version 0.70

darcs get --partial
(and darcs get --partial )

The conversion to separate regex-* packages seems stable now.  More changes will 
be done as part of interfacing with GHC.  What should I do to advance the plan 
of changing GHC's regex support?

Note that the new Posix library backend is much higher performance than the old 
one when searching for all the (non-overlapping) matches.  The regex-compat 
package provides Text.Regex.New that uses this better wrapping.

The low level API from the Wrap modules always handles errors with Either types.

The (Byte)String modules provide a medium level API that handles errors with 
Either types (compile/execute/regexec).

By comparison, the "match" or "=~" high level API still calls error or fail.

The build environment will have to be slightly edited when installing.  Details 
are in the README file (and you can and should email me questions).

I would appreciate someone with ghc on windows to build as many of the packages 
as possible and tell me how to do it or how to fix it.  GHC includes a copy of 
the Posix regex library to compile on windows, but regex-posix does not do this 

regex-parsec may undergo some small changes to give it a more posix-compatible 
mode.  Right now QuickCheck has found some sub-expression captures that are 
different for pcre and posix, and parsec agrees with pcre in its left-most 
strategy but does not always agree with posix in its longest strategy.


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