AVL Trees

Cale Gibbard cgibbard at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 05:37:07 EDT 2005

Heh, not only is this not a Haskell library, it seems that it is only
available for AU$200, most likely not under a free license. It's not
even clear if the download includes the source code for the library,
where the algorithms could then be translated into Haskell, or if it
just includes headers and binaries.

In this context, this appears to just be targetted spam.

 - Cale Gibbard

On 19/10/05, Ben McNamara <tsoft at 5trees.com> wrote:
> To Adrian Hey,
> I am emailing you to let you know about the release of a highly advanced C++
> Tree Class Library (AVL) at www.5trees.com.
> This class library contains a number of different tree related classes. For
> example, dynamic arrays. The theory of finite, ordered sets is also
> explored. Concepts such as associative arrays (Maps or Dictionaries) are
> implemented within the tree class.
> In addition to trees, 5Trees has lists, stacks, queues, pools, heaps etc.
> 5Trees is highly advanced and very professional. It will save you time in
> your programming efforts and allow you to create highly advanced systems.
> Kind Regards,
> Ben McNamara.
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