Announcement of work in progress: Shaskell sha2 library

David Mercer radix42 at
Mon Nov 21 04:19:08 EST 2005

On 11/21/05, Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at> wrote:
> David Mercer <radix42 at> writes:
> > PS Have the major Haskell distributions had to directly deal with
> > crypto export control issues yet, or has it been dodged so far by
> > using only wrapper libraries, as appears to be the case from what I've
> > dug up so far?  Thanks again!
> The current provenance of all the major Haskell compilers, and most of
> the minor ones, is outside the US.
>         ghc             UK
>         Hugs            UK
>         nhc98           UK
>         hbc             Sweden
>         Cayenne         Sweden
>         Chameleon       Singapore
>         UHC/EHC         Netherlands
>         yhc             UK
> the main exceptions being:
>         jhc             US
>         Eager Haskell   US
> But in any case, afaik none of the compilers includes a crypto library
> by default.  Dominic Steinitz (UK again) distributes hs-crypto
> separately.

Malcolm, thanks very much for that list, I wasn't sure where all of
the major Haskell compiler/interpreter distributions were based, and I
actually think that that's the single longest list of same that I've
seen on the Net so far (unless I just missed in on the
wiki and google or something!)  I wouldn't want to break a
distributions policy regarding freedom of exportability by my code's
inclusion, but I'll admit that having it in the Hierarchical Libraries
some day would be nice.  And I can't help having been born a 'US
Person', as they put it!

In any event, as soon as we get this last bit of code finished and
have it all converted into a Literate Haskell paper in the appropriate
TeX format, I'm going to submit that for publication where ever seems
most appropriate for such a thing.  Suggestions on that are very much
desired, as a matter of fact.  At that point it can be scanned and
legally posted online via the Zimmerman/Bernstein carved publication
exception outside of the US.  I can't believe this nonsense is still
required, but there it is.

-David Mercer
Tucson, AZ

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