Announcement of work in progress: Shaskell sha2 library

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Mon Nov 21 04:06:40 EST 2005

David Mercer <radix42 at> writes:

> PS Have the major Haskell distributions had to directly deal with
> crypto export control issues yet, or has it been dodged so far by
> using only wrapper libraries, as appears to be the case from what I've
> dug up so far?  Thanks again!

The current provenance of all the major Haskell compilers, and most of
the minor ones, is outside the US.

	ghc		UK
	Hugs		UK
	nhc98		UK
	hbc		Sweden
	Cayenne		Sweden
	Chameleon	Singapore
	UHC/EHC		Netherlands
	yhc		UK

the main exceptions being:
	jhc		US
	Eager Haskell	US

But in any case, afaik none of the compilers includes a crypto library
by default.  Dominic Steinitz (UK again) distributes hs-crypto


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